10 Best books for learning Spanish from Basic to Advanced quickly

books for learning spanish

Below are top 10 excellent books for learning Spanish that would help you acquire fluency in the language in a short time. These publications suggest learners with effective study methods and unique learning strategies.

No matter whether you learn Spanish for work, for travel or just for fun, a good book always plays an important role in your study process. An interesting book would help you stay focused, and motivate yourself to move forward, avoiding boring hours of learning boring lessons. If you’re looking for a book just like that, the list of books below is for you.

Top excellent books to learn Spanish from zero to hero

If you want to find the best books to learn Spanish at the beginning, then we have several recommendations for you. Here are some very basic books for beginners that would help you establish a firm foundation. There are also intermediate and advanced books for you to upgrade your level if you’re ready for them.

1/ Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish – Level: Beginners

  • Name: Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish
  • Author: Dorothy Richmond
  • Price: $6.77
  • Rating: ⭐4.6
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Beginners
Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish by Dorothy Richmond

“Practice Makes Perfect Basic Spanish” has 345 exercises, as well as an account with an online flashcard program. Overall, the book was written in an appealing and enjoyable style, so the tasks are intended to promote attention and focus on the learning process. Additionally, audio recordings of Native speakers are included in each Spanish exercise answer, which can assist beginners with listening practice and word reflection.

2/ Spanish for Dummies – Level: Beginners

  • Name: Spanish for Dummies
  • Author: Susana Wald
  • Price: $16.84
  • Rating: ⭐4.3
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Beginners
Spanish for Dummies by Susana Wald

“Spanish for Dummies” is written based on 120 years of teaching experience of Spanish language experts. This is the best Spanish language book because it contains many practical lessons, cultural facts, and useful references, such as a Spanish – English mini-dictionary, common verb lists, and more… to help you be able to speak Spanish effortlessly in a short time.

3/ Easy Spanish Step-by-Step – Level: Beginners

  • Name: Easy Spanish Step-By-Step
  • Author: Barbara Bregstein
  • Price: $12.6
  • Rating: ⭐4.6
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Beginners
Easy Spanish Step-By-Step by Barbara Bregstein

A firm root in grammatical principles has been proven to be the key to mastering a second language. “Easy Spanish Step-by-Step” with more than 300 common verbs and significant phrases, and grammatical rules can help you get familiar with Spanish easily. There are also a variety of exercises and interesting reading texts to assist learners to improve their Spanish speaking and comprehension skills quickly.

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4/ Learn Spanish with Paul Noble Series – Level: Beginners, Intermediate

  • Name: Learn Spanish with Paul Noble
  • Author: Paul Noble
  • Price: $0
  • Rating: ⭐
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Level: Beginners, Intermediate
Learn Spanish with Paul Noble by Paul Noble

According to language experts, the “Learn Spanish with Paul Noble Series” is the best audiobook to learn Spanish.

The series consists of 2 books:

  • Learn Spanish with Paul Noble for Beginners – Complete Course: Spanish Made Easy with Your Personal Language Coach: Suitable for beginners
  • Next Steps in Spanish with Paul Noble for Intermediate Learners – Complete Course: Suitable for intermediate learners

You can take a one-on-one class with Paul and his native-speaking Spanish experts whenever you have the time. Besides, Learners will also know how to put their new vocabulary into practice, so this series can help you improve your existing Spanish knowledge and give you the confidence to speak Spanish fluently in a range of situations.

5/ Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish – Level: Intermediate

  • Name: Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach
  • Author: Margarita Madrigal
  • Price: $15.99
  • Rating: ⭐4.7
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Intermediate
Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish by Margarita Madrigal

“Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish” refers to the most common stumbling blocks that English speakers encounter while learning Spanish. It includes helpful principles and advice for pronunciation, difficult grammar, word translation, etc. The book, which is available on Amazon, is an ideal assistant for intensive training and test preparation.

6/ Advanced Spanish Step by Step – Level: Intermediate

  • Name: Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step: Master Accelerated Grammar to Take Your Spanish to the Next Level
  • Author: Barbara Bregstein
  • Price: $16.99
  • Rating: ⭐4.7
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Intermediate
Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step by Barbara Bregstein

This book helps you to get a deeper understanding of advanced grammatical concepts. It also exposes you to hundreds of new vocabulary words, which are reinforced through readings that place the new words in context. Now, it is available on Amazon at a lesser price from sellers.

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Top best books to learn conversational Spanish

Learning Spanish to converse with other people is much easier than studying academic Spanish. Furthermore, lessons and books to learn conversational Spanish are also much more interesting and engaging. Here are the 2 most popular ones that would help you have a simple Spanish conversation within 7 days.

7/ Conversational Spanish Dialogues – Level: Beginners

  • Full name: Conversational Spanish Dialogues: Over 100 Spanish Conversations and Short Stories
  • Author: Lingo Mastery
  • Price: $14.99
  • Rating: ⭐4.4
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Beginners
Conversational Spanish Dialogues by Lingo Mastery

The book includes over 100 Spanish stories for beginners. Each new chapter will have a story about two people who are trying to handle a common problem that people will undoubtedly encounter in real life. Just 7 days of learning, you will be surprised with your natural reflex in Spanish.

8/ Conversational Spanish Quick and Easy – All levels

  • Full name: Conversational Spanish Quick and Easy: The Most Innovative and Revolutionary Technique to Learn the Spanish Language.
  • Author: Yatir Nitzany
  • Price: $12.99
  • Rating: ⭐4.1
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced
Conversational Spanish Quick and Easy by Yatir Nitzany

When you purchase the book, you will be getting one of the most revolutionary and advanced ways to speak Spanish faster than ever before. Yatir Nitzany, a great linguist, spent many years collecting the 350 words that are most likely to be used in real talks. As a result, the book will be quite useful for anyone learning conversational Spanish.

Best books to learn Spanish by reading books and stories

Reading a book or a story in Spanish is a good way to learn. It not only makes your study process more fascinating but also helps you acquire new knowledge effortlessly. Here are the 2 titles that you should read at least once in life.

9/ First Spanish Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book – Level: Beginners

  • Full name: First Spanish Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book
  • Author: Angel Flores
  • Price: $7.71
  • Rating: ⭐4.5
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Beginners
First Spanish Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book by Angel Flores

The reading book “First Spanish Reader” is edited and presented simply for beginners to assist them to learn Spanish easier. It’s a bilingual book with easy-to-read adaptations of classic Spanish stories and their English translations to help learners follow along. Furthermore, vocabulary and activities are cleverly shown that help beginners understand specific examples.

10/ Short Stories in Spanish: New Penguin Parallel Text – Level: Intermediate

  • Name: Short Stories in Spanish: Cuentos En Espanol (New Penguin Parallel Text Series)
  • Author: John R King
  • Price: $7.99
  • Rating: ⭐
  • Format: Paperback
  • Level: Intermediate
Short Stories in Spanish by John R King

Eight pieces of modern fiction are included in the collection, with translation in both Spanish and English. This volume is an essential cultural-educational tool that provides a fascinating glimpse into Spanish and Latin American literature. The smart use of vocabulary in context helps Spanish learners of all levels to read and enjoy contemporary literature without looking for the meaning of advanced vocabulary.

Top free FREE textbook sources that you may not know

Refer to the free Spanish textbook available online, which includes useful learning suggestions in PDF format. Hope you find this material useful. Let’s make learning enjoyable!

1/ Cal Poly Humboldt

The first step in learning Spanish is to master basic grammar patterns by using reference books such as Openstax CNX – Spanish, Spanish Grammar In Context,…. Besides, Future Learn – Spanish, Open Yale – Spanish, and Open Yale – Portuguese are just a few of the interesting courses and videos accessible.

2/ idiomasgratis.net

This website provides free Spanish books, courses, and classes. It also includes useful ideas for learning via press channels, social media, and other sources!

3/ Infobooks

This one provides access to over 25 Spanish-language books. These books not only help you learn Spanish but also provide a wide knowledge about this nation. Let’s learn about a country rich in culture, idiosyncrasies, and gastronomy.

4/ Washtenaw Community College

Textbooks that are available on this site include lessons suitable for all levels. It also has Open Courses and Online Language Practice to assist you in overcoming any second language barriers.

That was 10 excellent books for learning Spanish that we want to share with you. We believed that these books would be your great assistant. Let’s roll up your sleeves and pick up a favorite book to start your journey now!

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